Linda and Farouk

Dear Hooi Joo,

Firstly, thank you again for doing such a wonderful job bringing the whole wedding together. It has been a pleasure despite the short timeline, busy schedules and all the decisions that needed to be made under some very hectic circumstances. We never would have been able to conceptualize the theme we wanted without all your creative ideas that you shared.

It was indeed a beautiful and memorable wedding, and the best part was that we could completely sit back and enjoy the day stress-free knowing that we had your dedicated team to run the show and make sure all was going to plan.

A genuine compliment is not one that comes from ourselves. On more than one occasion, we had friends come up to us to tell us how much they enjoyed our wedding, and some even went on to say it was the best wedding they have attended!

Warmest wishes,
Mau & Gwen
Kuala Lumpur