Linda and Farouk

Dear Hooi Joo,

The word ‘Thank You’ does not even begin to justify the amount of gratitude we owe you!

Your dedication from the moment you took up our wedding was astonishing. No denying that our wedding (and us) was a great challenge for any individual up for it. But your diligence did not falter a bit throughout the planning period.
The distance, the traveling, the time, the flowers, the venue, the weather!!! With so many obstacles in hand, we definitely would not have been able to pull it off without you. You persevered through ALL the hurdles that came your way.
Your quick thinking to put out fire and fast driving ability through the curves of Cameron Highlands literally saved our wedding!

Your professionalism is every groom’s dream come true. Your flexibility makes you every bride’s best friend. In my case I hired a wedding planner and ended up finding a good friend in you.

You are truly a ‘small’ package of miracle worker!!!

Lots of love and gratitude,
Julie and Govan
Miri, East Malaysia