Linda and FaroukOne of the most memorable part of a woman's life is the day she got married. The day she is at her most beautiful. The day she takes a vow to love and cherish the man in front of her for the rest of her life. She has found her other part.

The wedding day is the day where everything needs to be exactly as it is, surrounded by families and friends. Behind it are her friends whom she has dreamed and talked about this day all her life. The dress, the flowers, the decoration, down to all the little details. These are the friends who will help her bring the dream to life. The friends who will take away her stress and worries and make sure that she will not be sad in any way.

Behind the memory of my wedding, is my wedding planner who has been listening to my dream and paving every step of the way. She is a planner who became a friend that wants to know me as much as herself, love my wedding as much as her own, who take as much care of it as her own and protect my dreams as much as her own. Thanks Hooi Joo for being there the whole time as a planner and as a friend. There's really nothing more that I can ask as a bride.

Jeannie & Remko
Wehl, Netherlands