If our service is described as a wedding attire, it would be likened to a couture design made only to fit your unique body; and no body contour is the same! For couples who prefer personalised service over off-the-rack service, end your search here and call us. Our made-to-measure services are categorised according to our clientele needs.


For couples who need help to turn an idea into reality for their ballroom weddings. The hotel ballrooms are our playgrounds, and hosting large number of guests is our game. From invitations to imported wines, decorations to desserts, music to magic, we specialise in turning your nuptial into a stylish and chic celebration.


For couples who love cosy and intimate weddings with added charm and romance. May it be a garden or chic restaurant, a train or a yacht; we would love to create that enchanting wedding experience for you and your guests.


For couples who love to have Mother Nature as their witness over an intimate wedding weekend retreat with families and friends. From islands to highlands, beaches to jungles, our partnership with an array of award-winning luxury resorts will give you a glimpse of what your personal heaven is like. (Checkout Venues)


For Malaysians who are residing abroad and who would love to host their wedding on the home ground. Save on your air tickets and phone bills by investing in us.


For couples who have planned their wedding and made their own bookings but need a professional to co-ordinate the orchestra of logistics on the wedding day itself and ensure the seamless flow of events to leave you free to enjoy your wedding, we offer the Finale Service.


For corporations who like to host social soirees and weekend retreats with unique experiences. We have the expertise to make it an extraordinary event, wow your guests with something they will talk about long after! Being a Hospitality Agent for Travel Profiler, we also offer discounted room rates at selected hotels to bring you value-added service.